About the Fraser Highland Shoppe

The Fraser Highland Shoppe (FHS) was opened in 2014 by siblings Kevin Fraser and Kimberly Henry. They are both members of the Airdrie Scots Pipes and Drums (ASPD). The band was having difficulty in sourcing supplies. Due to this, Kevin and Kimberly saw a need within the community.

The Shoppe travels to Highland Games, Highland Dance competitions, as well as some Scottish gatherings and festivals. Otherwise, the Shoppe is a home based business, available in person by appointment.

History of the Shoppe

When the Shoppe started, it first brought in piping and drumming supplies needed by the Band. In preparation for Highland Games, the Shoppe also brought in a few miscellaneous items such as key chains and zipper pulls. When the Shoppe setup at the Games, it was a single 10×10 canopy, a few folding tables and a set of rubbermade buckets to transport it all.

By the third year, the Shoppe had too many items to carry in just the 2 vehicles Kevin and Kim owned. The Shoppe was fortunate to have a friend loan a Cargo Trailer for carrying everything. This led to the Shoppe purchasing a trailer for themselves.

With the trailer in hand, the Shoppe started investing in first 6 foot Slat grid display racks instead of carrying everything on short display racks to be setup on folding tables. Over a couple of years, the Shoppe experimented in various methods for keeping the pegs and baskets securely attached to the racks while traveling down the highway in the trailer.

Eventually the Shoppe started investing in Bakers racks to roll on and off of the trailer. Where as it took the Shoppe 2-3 hours to setup at the start of the day, and another 2-3 hours to tear down at the end, the Shoppe can now be setup or torn down in just over 45 minutes.

Goal of Fraser Highland Shoppe

The goal of Fraser Highland Shoppe is to provide for the needs within the Scottish community. This includes Bagpipes and Piping Supplies, Drumming Supplies, Highland Dance costumes and Supplies, as well as the Uniform and Costume needs of the Scottish at large.

In addition, the Fraser Highland Shoppe can bring in, on a special order basis, instruments and supplies for school and orchestral bands including electric pianos and guitars.

The Owners

Kevin performs and instructs the bagpipes. He is currently the Pipe Major of the Airdrie Scots. He has played the bagpipes for 40 years. Kevin also plays percussion, piano, guitar and bass guitar.

Kimberly plays Bass, Tenor or Snare, depending on the needs of the band. She was a Highland Dancer in her teens and 20s. Her daughter is a Highland Dancer. Kimberly has a diploma in Fashion Design, and does all of the in-house sewing for the Shoppe. Kimberly also plays piano and saxophone.