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Let US help you Save on your Wedding costs

We have been advised that June is the month with the most Weddings taking place.  With a wedding on the Horizon for one of our owners, we want to share the happiness with other Brides and Grooms to be.  In honour of this busy month, let us help reduce your costs by giving you a discount on all Highland Wear.

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Today is No Socks Day

Today is no socks day.  No Sock Day was created by actor Thomas Roy and his wife.  Celebrating No Socks Day is easy – don’t wear any socks today.

However, once that is done, you may need socks.  And if you are in need of new socks, we have you covered.  Buy any hose from us (in person or online) and use coupon code sock-me, and you will receive 10% of any hose bought.  This offer is good for 1 week (that is it expires 15 May 2016).


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