Looking Good

What does it take to look good?

Whether you are part of a band, a piper or drummer, a Highland Dancer, a Scottish Country Dancer, or just someone who enjoys dressing up, there are integral parts to every Scottish outfit!

The Kilt

There are several types of kilt, but the 8 yard 13-16 oz wool kilt is the most common.  You can get poly-viscose “party” kilts and heavy duty 18 oz wool kilts as well, in almost any tartan you can think of.  Nowadays, you can even find utility kilts made from pant weight twill material with cargo pockets!  If you are feeling really adventurous, you can even find mills that will allow you to design and mill your own tartan!  Many people have matching tartan flashes to wear with their kilt hose.

The Prince Charlie

The Prince Charlie is the formal tux jacket worn with a kilt.  It is decorated with buttons and often worn with a 3 button vest underneath.

The Sgian Dubh and hose

A small blade often concealed in the hose, sometimes with a jewel in the top.  You can get safety versions that do not have a blade at all!  These are great for children or those on a budget.  Originally, the Sgian Dubh was used for every day tasks, such as meal preparation and protection.  The hose are knit often with an embellished cuff that are folded or double folded over the flashes.

Kilt Belt, buckle and Tie

Often a leather belt with a chrome or silver belt buckle is worn with the kilt.  A matching tartan or plain satin tie is also often worn with a button up shirt.


Sporrans are a pouch that hangs on a chain that goes around your waist.  It helps weigh down the “apron” of the kilt (for modesty of course), as well as it has a pocket to hold all of your valuables.  They come in many varieties, from basic black leather with tassles, to semi-dress day sporrans with a bit of fur, to fully ornate dress sporrans with fur, and embellishments and fancy cantle closures!

Kilt Pin

An ornate pin at the bottom edge of the apron of the kilt

Ghillie Brogues

The cross laced leather shoes worn with a kilt.