~Marksman Dual-sided Practice Pad – 12″


~Marksman Dual-sided Practice Pad – 12″

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For the student who is not sure what to look for in a training block, the Marksman ProLogix is clearly a winner. This pad has four distinct playing surfaces of the ProLogix family. Side A is a super soft Blue Lightning outer surface with a 3 “Red Storm inner surface that lets you hear and feel when you play outside the center. Side B has a Logix 3 center target even more firm surrounded by recycled tire rubber springs. It’s great to keep your hands guessing when building chops. Sweetwater drummers can not say enough good things about the MDF shell on which the ProLogix Marksman and the other ProLogix pads are built, which is solid in the hand and will not break in the event of a fall.
Great for students and beginners
Four distinct playing surfaces
Blue Lightning, Red Storm, and green Logix surfaces range from soft to firm
Recycled tire rubber is extra bouncy – perfect for building muscle
Allows you to hear and feel when you play outside the center
Durable MDF shell stands up to wear and tear


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