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Making room in our store

If you have browsed our online store, you know that we have 1900 individual SKUs. And most of those SKUs have multiple items in stock. If you haven’t seen our physical space, it is bursting to the seems. We barely fit everything on our cargo trailer for going to Highland Games, etc. In order to free up some room, we are providing a 10% discount on virtually the entire store (applies only to in stock items) during the month of May 2023. Use Coupon Code “Bursting Seams” when shopping online, or mention this post (or the coupon) when purchasing in person.

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Price Increase Advisement!

Many of our suppliers have advised us of either upcoming price increases, or that they have already increased their prices.

We are updating our backend system to adjust our prices accordingly. We will be updating ALL prices effective May 1st. Any in-stock items will keep their prices until then. Any special orders or out of stock items will be sold at the new price effective immediately.

Thank you for understanding.

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Pipers! Stay Covid-19 compliant at Band Practice

The current public health restrictions do permit in person band practices, with certain measures in place.

One of those measures is a cover over the “bell” of the instrument.

In order to assist Pipers in being compliant, we have created “bell” covers for your drones and chanters!

This set of 4 covers is available in various tartans, and is machine washable.

And while you aren’t blowing your pipes, you are supposed to be wearing a mask. Here too we have you covered!