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Can my bagpipes kill me like the newspaper says?

While you shouldn’t believe everything you read, should you believe the newspaper articles saying that a man died from the fungi and yeast that was living in his bagpipes making it back into his lung?

I can’t speak for that man.  I suspect he had the fungi in his lungs and blew them into his pipes rather than the other way around.  Consider:

  1. Pipers blow into their pipes, and do not breath in through the pipes (if they do they are doing it wrong).
  2. The bagpipe blowstick has a 1 way valve in it.  Why?  Because we need to breath in on a regular basis while playing.  If the air is coming back out of the blowstick the air pressure drops and the reeds stop.  Brand new beginners might suffer this for a week or two until they see their instructor next, but someone who has been playing a while certainly won’t.
  3. Most pipers are now playing hybrid or synthetic bags, so there is neither a whole bunch of leather nor the “natural” gunk in certain brands of seasoning for the fungi etc to really grow in well.  If you use a synthetic seasoning like I do (it is a petroleum jelly that you heat to a liquid) I don’t expect the fungi grows well in it.

So I would say the doctor’s reports of the cause of his death has the order of events wrong.  But if you are concerned about it, I can help you out with a new bag, new seasoning and any other bagpipe maintenance you require.

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Let US help you Save on your Wedding costs

We have been advised that June is the month with the most Weddings taking place.  With a wedding on the Horizon for one of our owners, we want to share the happiness with other Brides and Grooms to be.  In honour of this busy month, let us help reduce your costs by giving you a discount on all Highland Wear.

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Do you know what Victoria Day and the Bagpipes have in common?

Victoria Day is a holiday in Canada originally celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria.  Over time it has become the official birthday of the reigning sovereign of Canada.  (Parts of Scotland also celebrate the day).  In 1904 it was declared Empire Day throughout the British Empire (later renamed Commonwealth Day).

So how does this tie into the Bagpipes?  While visiting one of her nobility, Queen Victoria discovered that noble had his own piper, and she greatly liked the idea.  Shortly thereafter, the position of Piper to the Sovereign was created as a member of her household.

In honour of Victoria Day, we are pleased to offer specials on Bagpipes and bagpipe related items.  See our online shop for discounts on Bagpipe and related items!

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Today is No Socks Day

Today is no socks day.  No Sock Day was created by actor Thomas Roy and his wife.  Celebrating No Socks Day is easy – don’t wear any socks today.

However, once that is done, you may need socks.  And if you are in need of new socks, we have you covered.  Buy any hose from us (in person or online) and use coupon code sock-me, and you will receive 10% of any hose bought.  This offer is good for 1 week (that is it expires 15 May 2016).


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Looking for Remo products?

It has been an exciting month at Fraser Highland Shoppe.  We are now able to carry Remo products.  Remo makes more than just Drum Heads.  They also make Roto Toms, hand drums, drum circle equipment, etc.  We will have a partial listing on our shopping site ASAP.

While non Pipe Band percussion isn’t our primary focus, we are more than happy to special order in instruments and accessories that we have access to but a traditional Scottish Shop wouldn’t normally carry.

Call +1-587-600-0021 ext 1 or email to enquire about any product.


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Do I need Hearing Protection?

Through tests and surveys, it has been determined that playing the bagpipes or snare drum can lead to hearing loss.

 From personal experience, over 4 years of playing about an hour at a time, a few days a week, I lost some hearing
 in the frequency ranges of the drones in my left ear!  And this was when I was in my early 20s.  I now wear ear plugs every time I play my pipes.

The bagpipes have been tested to reach 111 decibles.  This is how loud a pneumatic drill is!  Indoors, pipes can reach 116.  This is as loud as a chainsaw!

Snare drums can hit 122 decibels. This is louder than a jet at take off.

In 2006, the British Ministry of Defence ordered that Army bagpipers are limited to playing less than 15 minutes indoors, or 24 minutes outdoors without hearing protection.

Remember that 15 minutes of exposure to loud noises leads to damage of the parts of the ear that are actively involved in hearing.  Always wear hearing protection!